Best Meditation Books: Top Three Choices

Best Meditation Books: Top Three Choices
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If you are interested in understanding more about the principles of meditation to incorporate it into your life, then besides the myriad of apps and courses that you could download and purchase, there's nothing quite better than a good old fashioned book!

If you are ready to start your mindful life today and need some inspiration and guidance on how and where to get started, then we're about to review three of the best meditation books that might help you begin your journey towards deeper self-awareness and clarity.

Best Meditation Books: A Quick Look

1. An Ordinary Dude's Guide to Meditation

Definitely, so many guides to enlightenment take the higher ground and are written by so-called spiritual gurus. What about the ordinary dude who's perhaps resistant to that approach?

If you're the kind of person who's invested in your mental well-being and has a keen interest in meditation but want a no frill and no bull approach towards the practice, then John Weiler's book could be your answer.


The title of this book by John Weiler says it all! This guide to meditation has been specially created for the ordinary Joe. For the regular guy on the street who knows it's time to start looking after his mental health and well-being but isn't interested in what some might call the hippie, fluffy stuff.

John himself has been practicing own meditation techniques for 13 years, and it's his mission to show other beer swilling, jeans-wearing geezers that it's not just something that monks and hippies can partake in. His approach is straightforward, practical, and effective and perfect for any self-professed dude or indeed dudette to follow. If you could do with a dose of calmness, clarity, and inner peace bringing to your life, then it's about time you checked out An Ordinary Dude's Guide to Meditation.


  • An interesting and fun read
  • Teaches the basics to meditation
  • Quick and easy to read
  • Natural flowing style; easy to follow
  • A quick introduction to the subject
  • Appeals to every individual without being condescending
  • Practical tips and exercises


  • Simplistic style
  • Limited in detail

2. A Beginner's Meditation Course

Our next meditation book is once again geared towards beginners to the practice and is designed to easily take the reader from an initial 30-second session up to a solid five minutes during the course of 30 days. Full of tips, advise, instructions, and practical assignments, the purpose of this book is to help you relax more, worry less and try to find some inner calmness and more grounding.


The author, Nathan Agin, is an actor and entrepreneur as well as a writer, and in this paperback book, he takes a practical and straightforward approach of meditation. The benefits of daily meditation are widely recognized and can include increased happiness, improved health both physically and mentally, and a more deep-seated resilience and positivity to power you through challenging times. Nathan breaks the process down into daily assignments so that anyone new to meditation can take it slowly and build on their practice without suffering from overwhelm.

Nathan started his daily meditation back in 2010 and recognizes that while it's not always easy to remain dedicated to the daily discipline of practice, it is ultimately worthwhile because it helps the individual to take back their own power. If you are ready to start your own beginners' meditation challenge with small daily baby steps, then this course could be the one for you.


  • Teaches the basics to meditation
  • Easy to read
  • Encourages the development of daily practice
  • Practical tips and exercises to follow
  • Builds up from short to longer daily meditation sessions
  • Available on Kindle as well as paperback


  • Simplistic style
  • Suitable to total beginners only

3. Daily Meditations for Practicing the Course

Our final recommendation in the best meditation books category comes from well-respected author, Karen Casey who additionally penned the best-seller "Each Day a New Beginning." This book is widely accepted as being the first daily meditation specifically written to help women in recovery from a range of addictions. First published in 1981, it has subsequently gone on to sell more than three million copies.


Karen's Daily Meditations book is designed to offer inspiration to anyone studying A Course in Miracles and is a collection of mediations which reinforce all the key concepts from the book. A Course in Miracles is recognized as a modern spiritual classic and has actively helped millions of people around the world change their lives for the better.

Each page within the Daily Meditations book offers reflections upon all the concepts and is an informative and insightful guide that will help deepen and expand self-awareness and perception. Published in September 2009, it contains 408 pages and is available in either paperback or on Kindle. It's the perfect accompaniment to anyone undergoing their own addiction recovery program or who's interested in the subject matter in general.


  • An inspirational and engaging book
  • Well-respected and best-selling author
  • Provides powerful guidance
  • Encourages daily reflection
  • Insightful guide


  • Best used in conjunction with A Course in Miracles
  • Focused primarily on addiction recovery

Final Verdict

There are plenty of respected resources available no matter what stage in your meditation practice or personal recovery program you are at currently. For those who are entirely new to the subject and want to understand more about the benefits of meditation in a very down to earth and user-friendly way, then An Ordinary Dude's Guide to Meditation is a no fluff, guy on the street approach that might be more of your style.

If you're struggling just to get started and need a book that will encourage the discipline of daily meditation, then you might find A Beginner's Meditation Course a useful starting point. It contains exercises and practical tips that will take you through a 30-day practice.

Finally, if you're looking for spiritual support, especially with overcoming the battle against addictions, then Daily Meditations For Practicing The Course could provide the enlightenment and reinforcement that will keep you purposefully on track.

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