Best Meditation Retreats in the World

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When you start thinking about time away, there is a lot of talk about going on that great adventure. But one of the biggest adventures in life is the one you take to find your inner self and the peace that comes with it. That is why many people like to take a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world and enjoy nature at one of the world’s best meditation retreats. There are many around the globe, and it may be hard to figure out just which one fits your specific journey. But don’t stress, just breathe; we have you covered. 

In this article, we are going to look at a few of the best meditation retreats in the world in the hopes that we can help you on that journey of inner discovery. Oh, and do it without all that extra stress; that will only serve to detract from the purpose of your adventure. So, find the right spot and breathe with us, as we guide you through our list of meditation retreats we think will work for you and your mindfulness needs.

Best Meditation Retreats

Many spas and hotels offer meditation sessions. However, choosing a retreat that is specifically geared toward the practice will give you a much more immersive experience. It will allow your mind and body to heal in an atmosphere that is designed to bring you into one whole being. 

Here are a few of the retreats we think can do that for you:

Ananda – Himalayas

Situated at the base of the mighty Himalayan mountains this large estate was once home to royalty and now is a home for peace and tranquility. It offers beautiful views of the Ganges and several temple villages nearby. You will be able to take advantage of a large spa and meditation and yoga tents that sit amongst the beautifully landscaped gardens.

There are individual sessions of guided meditation that are built around your needs and can incorporate many different meditation practices, either outdoors or indoors. Though this is a retreat that tends to be geared more towards the luxury craving individual, the practices here will still get you to where you are destined to be.

Shambhala Mountain Center – Colorado

If you are Stateside and want a great retreat for all your mindfulness practices, then hop on a plane and head to northern Colorado. There you will find the Shambhala Mountain Center (which is one of many spread across the globe). This retreat is in a beautiful Rocky Mountain valley and has a lot of wonderful venues to offer. You can walk in the beautiful botanical gardens or meditate with your fellow travelers in one of the large meditation rooms. There is a lovely Buddhist temple you can meditate in as well.

There are many meditation programs available from beginner “how to” sessions to more specific activities for a wide array of people, including children. They also set up fun outdoor activities that incorporate meditation into them.

Ala Kukui – Hawaii

Built on a concept inspired by the tragic events of 9/11, this retreat offers what they call a “Pathway to Illumination”. Located on the island of Maui, it’s surrounded by beautiful lush vegetation that includes fruit trees. It’s close to the awe-inspiring Pacific Ocean, so you will have a wide selection of meditative and fun activities to choose from.

At this retreat, you will be able to meditate and achieve mindfulness while experiencing a slice of the Hawaiian culture. 

Muktawan Meditation Retreat – Thailand

Perhaps the closest to nature on our list, this meditation retreat is located on one of the beautiful islands of Thailand. Surrounded by tropical forest and looking out over spectacular crystal blue water-filled bays, this retreat focuses on the meditation practice called Dhammakaya. Guided by Buddhist monks, this practice takes you on a journey through your body’s core and into your higher consciousness. This is achieved through a three-step focus of breathing, chanting, and concentration on a bright object.

This retreat offers you all the facilities you need and will help you along your journey. Just remember to pack loose-fitting light-colored clothes so that you will be comfortable as you meditate on the world and your inner self.

Holy Isle – Scotland

Though not the first place you might think of when you are looking at meditation retreats, this private island near the island of Arran in Scotland offers one of the best options in the world. On the northern end of the island, you will find the location of the meditation retreats. With beautiful walking paths and stunning scenery, you will be able to find peace and oneness with yourself and nature.

This meditation retreat uses Kagyu meditation practices. A student of Tibetan Buddhism often guides these meditation sessions. They offer a large selection of options from beginning to more advanced meditation sessions. You will be able to find something for you and your journey.

Rolling Meadows Meditation Retreat – Mexico

This is a retreat sponsored by a company that has its base of operation in the northwest of the US. Several times a year, the retreat sponsors trips that focus on mindfulness in the warm sun of Tulum, Mexico. Tulum’s magical setting of crystal-clear water looking out over stunning cliffs and surrounded by lush jungle is perfect for getting back in tune with your inner self. 

This retreat is broken down into daily schedules that are followed to the letter, which involve meditation and yoga. This retreat uses guided Vipassana meditation and several forms of yoga to center you and bring you back in alignment with your true self.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a good idea and a wide selection of scenery choices, we are sure finding that perfect meditation retreat seems a bit easier. Though many choices around the world may be just as good, we happen to think if you are in search of true inner peace, these are the best meditation retreats in the world.

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