Can You Meditate with Music: Understanding Meditation Better

Can You Meditate with Music: Understanding Meditation Better
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Both meditation and music are used to bring people into a deep state of relaxation, though, many aren’t sure if the two can be combined. That leads many people to wonder and ask “Can you meditate with music?

With so many different types of music and types of meditation, there is a consistent debate over whether or not it’s possible, or if it’s too distracting. Understanding what can help your reflection and what can distract it can allow you to choose the methods that are going to give you the most peace.

Meditation vs. Music

Many people have different attitudes and opinions on the debate that comes with listening to music while meditating. There are some who believe that music can actually pull your attention and focus away from your primary objective while meditating.

The main argument for this debate is the claims that the melodies and different sounds can be annoying and constantly interrupt you while you attempt to reach a state of full relaxation and clarity.

The other argument shows many people supporting and actually recommend listening to music while meditating. These people tend to believe that because everyone’s mind is different, what is right for you might be misappropriated for the mind of another.

There are other arguments surrounding music and meditation, too. Many believe that music is ideal when it’s combined with mantra meditations as it helps with following along with the rhythms and flow of the music. However, you can use music with every type of meditation, and it’s just a matter of personal choice and preference.

When it comes to the mind, there is no “one right way” to meditate. If you feel more comfortable in silence, and you prefer a non-disturbing room where it’s quiet, music may not be suitable for you.

Though, if you are someone who enjoys a peaceful environment but also enjoys tranquil compositions, then incorporating music with gentle vibrations may actually aid with calming your mind.

How to Meditate with Music

Meditations, affirmations, visualizations, and music are known to be the most effective ways to reach higher and powerful levels of calming vibrations. Your personal aura is what attracts all circumstances and situations in your life, so your results are dependent upon the waves that you send into the world.

Now that you no longer need to ask “Can you meditate with music?” you can learn how to meditate with music by following the steps below:

1. Remove Distractions

It’s best to find a peaceful and quiet spot where you know you won’t be disturbed. Allow yourself to have that particular time where you are entirely free of any distractions.

It’s also recommended that you choose a spot that is both private, but that you are comfortable in. Don’t try meditating in the middle of the living room where your family might interrupt the session at any time.

2. Prepare Yourself Mentally and Physically

Physical preparation is crucial before you begin your meditation. If you feel like you may need to use the bathroom while meditating, make sure you go beforehand. It’s also important to blow your nose before you meditate because the breathing process is one of the most essential parts of meditation, so you need to be able to inhale and exhale easily.

Mental preparation isn’t as easy as the physical. You need to attempt to stop worrying and let your obligations and problems disappear for a short time. Any guilt or resentment that you feel needs to be put to the side so that you can open your mind without thinking about anything that can pull you from your trance.

3. Play Your Music

It’s best to create a playlist for yourself before you start playing it during your meditation. Try choosing songs that help you relax and are filled with soft melodies.

While it is possible to meditate with more “new age” music, the majority of people find it easier to stay focused when gentle songs are playing in the background.

4. Look at Your Feelings and Reactions

If you are just starting with meditation, try starting out with breathing meditations before you move into anything advanced. However, if you’re already used to the practice, choose the technique that works best for you. Either way, ensure that you observe how your music choice is making you feel.

As you are meditating, try to feel the vibrations of the music and observe how your body is responding to them. You might find that the music is too loud, or you may need to change songs.

It’s also possible that the music you’ve selected is too energizing, which can prevent you from relaxing. Additionally, other songs may be too slow and can put you to sleep during the meditating process. 

5. Make Your Routine

Once you have found the desirable environment that works the best for you, then incorporate the habit into your life and make a routine out of it. Stick to your routine so that your spirit, mind, and body can relax.

Keep in mind that it is okay if you decide that the music isn’t right for you. If it’s really not, simply remove it from the scenario and go back to meditating in the calm, silent environment that you were using before.

6. Consider Guided Meditation

The comprehensive guides that are found within Jason Stephenson’s Meditation Mastery Secrets are designed in a way that truly enhances your life. You can reach new levels of clarity by following along with his guided meditations.

Audiobooks, videos, and books are available for even those who are new to the meditation practice. Jason’s patient, gentle and calming voice work alongside the tactics he uses to help you uplift your mind, body, and spirit.

Jason also provides a wide array of music videos with Meditation Mastery Secrets. The music is a very selective list chosen by Jason himself to help create a relaxing ambiance that can aid with sleeping, and help bring you to a deeper state of calmness during your meditation.

His humble nature and personal experience are used throughout the entirety of his book where he ensures that meditators of all levels are capable of reaping the benefits of his guide.


Meditating is an activity that has a lot of benefits. Some people might find it difficult but listening to relaxing music of your choice can help enhance the experience. Likewise, guided meditation can help you meditate better.

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