Does Meditation Work?

Does Meditation Work
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“Does meditation work” is a question to which there is an endless array of answers – all equating to a resounding “Yes.” Meditation works on many levels. A better question to ask is “Where do I need meditation to begin helping me help myself?”

The practice of regular consistent meditation brings one to a deep knowledge of self which unlocks the latent potential within all of us and each of our experiences.

As an act, meditation is near effortless, allowing our attention to draw ever closer to the ever-present now. When we live life in the here and now instead of inside the cage created by a noisy mind under the turmoil of emotional unrest we improve every aspect of our well-being.

From experiential enrichment and appreciation to letting ourselves perform at our peak thanks to the elimination of resistance and pressure, meditation holds profound benefits. Here we will be taking you through a look at the science and sensational benefits of a sound, balanced mind assisted by regular meditation.

Meditation Lowers Stress

Meditation Lowers Stress

While it is a commonly known fact that meditation lowers stress, recent studies confirm this age-old fact. Regular mindfulness and meditation lowers the inflammation response of the body to stress. In addition, cortisol levels also drop noticeably. Cortisol is the steroid hormone which the body releases in response to stress.

Chronic stress causes cortisol levels to remain consistently high which impacts everything from our moment-to-moment judgment to our quality of sleep. Regular meditation not only lowers chronic stress and its indicators like cortisol but it also reduces the frequency and intensity of symptoms of stress-related disorders like fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and even post-traumatic stress.

Gain Control Over Anxiety

As we coax our mind into remaining grounded in the present we also gain control over anxiety. Anxiety arises as the answer to our flight and fight response. When we fear an imagined situation, encounter or experience, we manifest anxiety. All anxiety is rooted in the past or future, never the present.

Daily meditation reduces the symptoms of anxiety disorders and social phobias. Fear-responses like paranoia, low self-esteem, and panic are totally disillusioned through regular meditation. Studies show that both regular meditation and active forms of meditation like Yoga reduce anxiety levels. Even phobias are brought under control and totally eliminated by habitual meditation.

Improve Emotional Well-being

Meditation is just as effective as treating long-term depression as it is at alleviating immediate anxiety. Studies show that over a three-year period, depression is significantly reduced in sufferers. The more we meditate the fewer negative thoughts and predispositions we hold towards new ideas. By allowing ourselves to face the blockages which hold in thinking in place and our emotions in a state of unrest we allow ourselves to see the true picture and thus feel life in the moment.

Further studies confirm the connection between long term positive thinking benefits and meditation. Regular meditators have heightened electrical activity in the areas of positive thinking and optimism. This shows that not even the shackles of depression hold one in place when meditating habitually. Maintain a habit of meditation and you’ll soon overcome depression and realize the full value of your life. Meditation Mastery Secrets will help get you there. Don’t miss out on its unbeatable meditation insights and guidance.

Meditation Raises Self-awareness, Empowering Choice

Instead of being left to dwell in a sea of indecision, meditation frees the mind allowing us to choose the things that make the most difference in our lives. Many experiences are stunted by nothing more than having lost touch which who we are and what we enjoy. Happiness is at the core of all success and positivity. As we meditate we are brought to a more balanced state where the sense of self is rapidly realized.

Meditation helps us to learn which thoughts are self-destructive and which beliefs are nothing more than lies holding us in a perception of pain. Science shows that mindfulness and meditation even reduce the symptom of loneliness and meditation helps improve self-esteem. As our choices become less associated with the outside world, worries, and perceptions held in the third party, clarity opens scope for endless choice without hesitation.

Meditation Works for Improving Focus and Attention Span

Meditation Works for Improving Focus and Attention Span

Distractions of a noisy mind float by so fast that you can’t even hear them chatter once you have become accustomed to living and thinking in the here and now. Without worries, imaginings of the past or cascading visions of the future slowing down your mind and body, focus and attention quickly improve. Just eight weeks of daily meditation helps the meditator refocus and maintain his or her attention.

Meditation also improves memory retention and the ability to recall memories, information, and other emotional data at will. With the mind no longer suffering resistance and interference of unwanted thoughts, even complex patterns resulting in poor attention spans, mind wandering and worrying are reversed.

Meditation Makes You Kinder

Thoughts of malice and contempt are far from natural. Daily meditation brings one into balance which also means that it makes us kinder, more loving people. Compassion is a universal quality which many forget starts with the self. As our minds are lead to realize what we truly value, we gain loving respect and the natural extension of kindness as a consequence of being. It doesn’t take effort nor thought to express a positive emotion to another. Forgiveness comes naturally and positive actions flow as we clear our minds and accept the loving goodness of the present.

Meditation Master Secrets

Yes – Meditation Works

There are simply so many benefits to meditation that one could endlessly cite studies. Regular meditating increases the neural activity in pain centers of the brain which improves pain sensitivity. Sleep quality improves which bolsters the health of the whole body. Certain studies have even concluded that daily meditation has neuroprotective and anti-aging benefits.

The most natural state of mind is a meditative state. Mantra-based meditation is even a proven therapy for high blood pressure. No matter how you look at it, meditation works. If you’re looking for the best guidance to help you meditate like a master using just a few moments a day, then don’t miss out on Meditation Mastery Secrets.

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