How to Wear Yoga Pants: Helpful Tips & Tricks

How to Wear Yoga Pants: Helpful Tips & Tricks
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Safe to say that in recent years there has been an explosion in the hype surrounding yoga pants. It seems like everyone is wearing them — whether they practice yoga or not. In fact, recent studies show that the sales of yoga clothing, active workout gear, and what’s now known as “athleisure” have skyrocketed. It’s a trend that seems set to continue to grow, due in no short part to a bevy of supermodels, including Gigi Hadid really getting behind the movement.

No longer a piece of clothing reserved for the gym, studio or indeed a yoga mat, these practical, comfortable, and stylish pants are a part of everyday casual life. Believe it or not, yoga pants can be worn with just about anything and for almost any occasion. From work to brunch with the girls, on to dinner with your boyfriend and even back home to bed.

If you are wondering how to wear yoga pants, then you have come to the right place. We’ll be breaking down the do’s and don’ts about how best to wear yoga pants for practically any occasion.

Before you do go ahead and hot foot it out of the house in your best, figure-hugging yoga pants though, it’s best that you read our top tips and suggestions about how to pull off the look.

How to Wear Yoga Pants: The Unwritten Rules

Make Sure They’re the Right Pair

First up, it’s important that you invest in a pair that actually fits. Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

However, you’d be surprised just how many women try and squeeze themselves into a pair of pants a size too small. It’s not a good look, nor is it a comfortable one. Make sure that you purchase a pair that are the correct size for your frame and don’t pinch and nip your flesh or cause discomfort.

Dare to Bare

Secondly, try your very best to avoid what’s known as the VPL—visible panty line. Again, it’s not a recommended look and best to be avoided at all costs. We recommend that you team your yoga pants either with a thong or a pair of seamless underwear. For the more daring among you, there’s always the option to go commando too, but we’ll leave that decision firmly in your hands.

See through, and threadbare leggings are a no-go for obvious reasons. Figure-hugging is all well, and good and tight yoga pants are actually easier to work out in and provide a great degree of flexibility to get into those challenging asanas.

On the other hand, thin, overly stretched and barely-there yoga pants, especially around the crotch and seat area, really aren’t to be recommended. If you’ve worn your leggings out to such an extent that they’re now sporting holes and letting in daylight, it’s time to ditch them and invest in a new pair.

And Breathe

Another top recommendation is to go for a highly breathable pair that are kind to your skin and also moisture wicking. If you are wearing your yoga pants for their actual intention, a session on the mat, then that’s especially important as you’re likely to work up quite a sweat.

Most brands these days will offer yoga pants in a wide range of innovative and technical fabrics designed to enhance your performance and prevent you from over-heating, so invest in a pair of sweat-proof and moisture absorbing bottoms.

Go for Quality

Finally, when it comes to choosing your yoga bottoms, always go for a high-quality pair that have flatlock seams and reliable, durable stitching. We recommend that you do the squat test.

Check that your yoga pants are reliable and won’t fall apart at the seams, and won’t show off your entire derriere when you bend over. By choosing high-quality leggings, you will also ensure their longevity as well as there suitability for a host of different occasions.

How to Wear Yoga Pants: Useful Tips

Below, we’re going to quickly take you through four different popular scenarios where yoga pants are commonly worn.

Relax and Chill

Yoga pants are designed to be comfortable, so it’s little wonder that many women choose to hear them for just hanging out. Chilling, relaxing, and wearing yoga pants pretty much go hand in hand.

If you’re enjoying a weekend session binge-viewing the latest Netflix series or just lounging on the sofa reading a good novel, there’s nothing more comfortable than a pair of yoga pants, apart from perhaps your pajama bottoms. For leisurely lounging, we recommend you wear your yoga pants with an oversized T-shirt, a baggy sweater or hoodie, or a longer length sweater. It’s all about the casual and cozy vibe.

Wearing Leggings to Work

Styled correctly, your work colleagues will never even notice that you’re wearing yoga pants to that industry conference, especially if they’re a classically styled, long-legged black pair.

To pull off the yoga workplace look, go for black, grey, or navy leggings so that they look more formal and less inconspicuous. We recommend that you style them with a long sleeve blouse and a chic button-down blazer, a denim shirt or perhaps a shirt dress accompanied by a belt to accentuate your waistline.

Brunch With the Girls

These days a brunch date has surpassed a lunch date in terms of its popularity, maybe because you can extend it for longer. Yoga pants and brunching are probably what began the recent trend towards athleisure.

Finishing up a power Pilates class then heading out for coffee afterward to catch up on all the latest gossip, there’s no denying that yoga pants can deliver a chic and stylish off-duty look if you just know how to accessorize and style them.

We love a slogan tee with a leather jacket and a pair of yoga pants—such an effortlessly stylish and relaxed look to carry off. Or match with a simple plain black or white round neck T-shirt and a denim jacket—so cool and casual.

Heading for a Night on the Town

Last but by no means least, yoga pants can even be worn for a night on the tiles. If you can wear yoga pants to work and brunch, surely you can elevate the look for cocktails and dinner, too? If you’re going “out-out,” then be a little bit more daring and adventurous with how you style your Lycra leggings.

If you have a fabulous figure, why not team your yoga pants with a bodysuit and a leather jacket? Such a sophisticated look. Or how about styling them with a short minidress under a statement jacket? Just don’t forget to add accessories and your favorite killer heels for the ultimate late night look!

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