Meditation for Weight Loss: The Road to Better Health

Meditation for Weight Loss
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Stress is something we all live with; this is undeniable. While stress has an abundance of effects on the soul and mind, people often forget the detrimental impacts it has on the body.

Being in a constant state of stress causes you to gain weight rapidly. When stressed, we are more likely to mindlessly eat all forms of junk food because it is easy and requires no mental effort in the way cooking does. The consequence of such is weight gain, which produces a negative image of ourselves in our minds, and therefore, affecting our internal view of ourselves.

Poor eating habits affect your sleep schedule, make you more prone to feelings of anxiety and stress, which are bad for your immune system, and cause you to get sick more quickly and more often, while also harming your digestive system.

With that said, the key to losing weight is understanding your body on a deeper level, which can be achieved through meditation for weight loss.

Emotional Eating

When we are bored, we might sit and do something like eat an entire bag of chips. We get to the bottom of the ice cream cartons when we are feeling lonely. Every chocolate bar in the house gets eaten whenever we are feeling down. Why is it that whenever we feel sad, we look to food to solve our problems?

We use food as a way of repressing the emotions we do not want to explore. Instead of concentrating on why we are feeling the way we are, we trick the pleasure circuits in our brains into thinking that we are happy once we have food in our hands.

The issue with this is that these presumed feelings of happiness we get from eating junk food are only temporary and do nothing for actually helping us understand the uncomfortable emotions we are experiencing.

Shame from Overeating

The bigger problem with emotional eating is that when we use calories to mask our feelings, we end up feeling worse about ourselves. We feel shame, guilt, and remorse, which ends up just putting us back where we started before eating the food. It is a vicious cycle.

This is not to say that treating yourself with a tasty dessert now and then is a bad thing. The issue arises when your first instinct after feeling a negative emotion is to run to the kitchen. If this is so, then your mind needs some readjusting so that you do not damage your body too profoundly.

Differentiating Between Natural Hunger and Emotional Hunger

Natural hunger is, as its name suggests, the hunger we obtain naturally after not having eaten for some time or after having worked out. Emotional hunger, on the other hand, is the trance-like state we go into when we binge-eat an entire box of chocolates. The hunger feels uncontrollable.

Natural hunger usually makes us crave nutritious foods like vegetables and fruits, while emotional hunger makes us want the comfort foods that are packed with salt, sugar, and fat.

Meditation for Weight Loss

The reoccurring theme with emotional hunger and overeating is that it happens mindlessly. Mindfulness meditation can decrease your emotional and chemical stress levels, which then leads to an increase in happiness levels.

The happier you are, the less hungry you are likely to feel so you are more unlikely to overeat whenever food is near. Here are some other benefits of practicing meditation for weight loss:

Boosts Emotional Stability

The meditative mind is less likely to let negative emotions affect its well-being. This is beneficial for weight loss; the fewer negative emotions you feel, the less chance you are to feel emotional hunger. So, when your mind radiates positive feelings, your body responds in the same manner.

Healthy Eating Habits

Food is fuel for your body, so you must give it the proper fuel to keep it going. Mediation aids in promoting healthy eating habits because you become more conscious of everything you do and everything you put inside your body.

We all know very well which foods are and are not suitable for us, but most of us fail to reflect on this very often. Meditation makes you happy with your body so that, in turn, you want to treat it with respect it deserves, which involves feeding it healthy food.

Creates a Deeper Connection Between Mind and Body

Your mind and body are mutually influential on one another, and through meditation, you come to understand this relationship deeper. When you begin to find balance, your mind is able to sense what your body truly needs, so things like emotional hunger become nearly impossible because your mind is then capable of seeing through its falseness.

Mediation Mastery Secrets

Jason Stephenson, the founder of Meditation Mastery Secrets, has discovered a secret to life, which he reveals to viewers through videos. A mystery to a happy life is hidden in plain sight, and Jason helps provide you with the proper eyes and ears to see and hear it. This secret is how to take control of your mind through the practice of meditation for weight loss.

If you are feeling a lack of control with your eating habits, and it is causing you to gain weight, consult Jason’s guided meditation videos. In them, you learn the skills required to focus your mind on the right foods and allow you to teach your mind to know when your body is naturally hungry.

Your meditative mind understands the importance of treating your body with the love and care it deserves, and once you do so, your body begins to shed the excess weight. Jason teaches his viewers that when you stop seeking out mind-numbing situations and begin to practice mindfulness, your body thanks you and returns the love you give it.

Final Words

People often do not realize the strain they put on their body, but Jason’s Meditation Mastery Secrets can help you reflect on your body to figure out what it wants and needs.

Picture the body you want and keep that image in mind—it is sure to come about in no time once you start to practice meditation for weight loss. After all, with a happy mind comes a healthy body.

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