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Spread the love is a comprehensive site that covers off everything to do with spiritual cultivation on a broader level, encompassing as part of that, the widespread practice of meditation. It’s free to access and simply requires opting into a newsletter to begin receiving value resource that can help enrich and enhance your journey of self-development. Entirely non-denominational and covering off spiritual and physical teachings from all cultures, there truly is something for everyone on this informative and education site.

While initial access is indeed free, some of the recommended resources, reading materials, and courses offered on the site do have an additional cost to access it. Nonetheless, there’s access to a wide range of teachings related to the mind-body-spirit connection. As such, you can cultivate not only a more profound meditation practice but also learn about breathing techniques.

From Buddhism to Taoism, Hinduism to Christian mysticism, there is something for everyone on this comprehensive cultivation site. This allows the visitor to deeply explore different disciplines and approaches, all on their own terms and according to their own timeframe. A Closer Look

The Meditation Expert site is for anyone with a keen interest in developing the spiritual aspect of their life. It has a lot of things to offer, including:

  • Access to a wide variety of free resources and materials: This site gives free and unrestricted access to a wide range of materials, including articles as well as a blog. Some of the recommended reading materials, products, and courses do incur a separate fee, but there is no commitment to purchase anything if you don’t want to.
  • Simple and easy to get started and free to access: This resource site can be accessed by anyone at any time with no commitment. Simply sign up to the ezine if you wish to receive additional resources. Otherwise, feel free to browse the site to your heart’s content until you come across something which piques your interest. The site promises that in no time at all, you can quickly master a meditation technique to get a grip of the fundamental teachings of yoga.
  • Non-denominational guides:com is packed with non-denominational information and meditation guides. While there are a strong emphasis and interest in Zen and Buddhist methods as well as yoga techniques, you can also access information regarding Christian meditation, Vipassana, Japan, Kundalini awakening, and more.
  • Free sign-up bonus: Subscribe to their newsletter, and you will automatically receive access to a free chapter from their best-selling book “How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization”. This introduces concepts, techniques, and teachings from a wide range of meditators and will help you to more quickly start your own journey toward personal understanding and deeper connection with the mind, body, and spirit.


  • Free initial access although public donations are encouraged
  • Lots of lessons and resources
  • Free monthly newsletter
  • Non-denominational information on various meditation practices
  • Free resources sent upon sign-up
  • Flexibility to pick and choose what you’d like to access and when
  • Can leave the program and unsubscribe at any time


  • You need to navigate the site yourself to find what you are looking for
  • Many of the recommended reading resources must be purchased separately


Besides providing free access to a host of advanced teaching materials and a wide variety of meditation methods and spiritual practices, the Meditation Expert site also covers off more physical activities like yoga and kung-fu. Thus, it is far more encompassing with more practical personal development techniques than many other sites provide access to where the focus is more intensely on the mind connection only.

If you are an individual who has a strong interest in the mind-body-soul connection and wishes to explore a host of materials without having to sign up to a monthly subscription program, then this might be a useful site for you to join. You can begin to explore the impressive range of materials with no obligation.

Also, initial sign up is free after which you receive an ezine that contains a beginner’s level introduction to meditation. This is an interesting and informative starting point to a more profound spiritual journey and a great elementary introduction for anyone new to the study of diverse cultural systems and beliefs. However, some of the recommended resources must be purchased separately.

Nonetheless, you can easily unsubscribe any time, so you don’t have a financial or a time commitment. So, with Meditation Expert, you can choose to deepen your understanding according to your pace. It’s not a one course fits all type of resource but rather a site where you are completely in control of the assets you choose to access and follow.

Alternative Course You Might Find Interesting

If you prefer the structure of an audio program that delivers fresh content every month as part of your member benefits, then how about checking out the Audio Euphoria course? This is ideal for anyone who is looking to tap into a deeper meditative state of mind. It is claimed that it can help you manifest real and lasting change.

Packed with useful materials, reflections, affirmations and workshops, this monthly progressive subscription-based service can be canceled at any time and accessed from as little as $2.95 in month one. Utilizing scientifically tested and recognized binaural beats, no previous meditation experience is needed, and it’s completely non-denominational.

Final Verdict

As an initial starting point and a place to find a wealth of useful non-denominational information on a wide range of mind-body-spirit practices and not just the practice of meditation, this site offers plenty of free and valuable information that can help to deepen your own sessions.

It’s free to subscribe and is full of popular additional products and articles on a host of topics. From mantra practice to Kundalini awakening, advanced meditation to basic breathing techniques, really is a mine of interesting articles and resources that can help set you on a path to increased spiritual enlightenment.

For anyone interested in different cultures and how they uniquely approach and tackle spiritual enlightenment and awareness, it’s a comprehensive and valuable resource center that allows the individual to awaken and enrich their spiritual side.

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