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One of my favorite parts of meditation is the change in perspective it provides me. Meditation has taught me to understand that my “problems” are simply an opportunity for change.

Too often I perceive inconveniences and discomforts as “problems” when all they really are is an opportunity to make a choice. There are no “wrong” choices, except making a choice I’ve made before and expecting a different result than I’ve gotten before.

Meditation gives me an opportunity to listen to my intuitive self and ask for guidance. Somehow, I always make a choice that provides me with a lesson and experience to grow with.

I realize this sounds kind of “artsy, fartsy”, but I have come to trust the perfection of my intuition and life on life’s terms.

When I’m feeling stuck or indecisive, my meditation practice helps me to decide and trust in the outcomes. When I say I’m confused, what I really mean is I’m not trusting my intuition.

Sometimes my meditation will guide me to another who has the information to help me see more clearly.

Always I am at more comfort.

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