What a Great Opportunity to Practice Meditation

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As we hear more and more about the causes and effects of Covid19 and the different responses, our thoughts are provoked. I am wondering if I am making the best choices for myself and others in my daily routines.

I am quite grateful for your comments to me both publicly and privately.  The fact that we are in this together has brought my meditation to a different level.

I have always felt that meditating in a group was deeper and more spiritual for me.  I am now finding myself choosing, sometimes, to meditate at the same time with a few other folks, even though they are in different locations. We start at the same time and set our personal timers for 10, 20, 30 minutes or more(although 30 minutes has been the longest for us yet).

I am wondering if a ZOOM Meditation meeting might work. Let’s try after work one day on ZOOM. We’ll read a quick inspirational passage and then do a 15-minute silent meditation. After that, we can chat. We’ll run it like a 12 step meeting for structure.

What do you think? Any joiners?

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