What is that gesture?

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I’ve had several comments and questions about the gesture I am making in the picture above.

This is a sometimes forgotten gesture , which expresses the givers’ wish that the recipient finds inner peace. It is composed of a standard PEACE SIGN, which is know to all of us living through the 1970’s, placed at the base of the throat, or the FIFTH CHAKRA.  When you look at someone in the eye and give this gesture, you are saying to them, “I wish you will find your inner peace.”.

Perhaps the origin of the gesture is simply a pot-smoking session between friends in the basement of a Washington, DC suburb home in the 1970’s or hippy-era creation meaning “good thoughts”.  I also remember a “peace sign” gesture to the forehead, meaning PEACE OF MIND.   Or, more likely, this shows a genuine attempt to foster appreciation of self and surroundings, as so many of the new thoughts and rituals coming out of the FLOWER POWER movement did.

Any time I am gesturing to another person in any way, I am unconsciously saying to that person, “You are in my thoughts, and this is how I feel about you.” This is true when we wave to another with a smile, when we offer the “middle finger salute”,  when we simply smile at someone and certainly when we combine actions with intention.

More than just being a nice gesture, this can also increase my own inside journey.  There is an ancient Chinese proverb which says, HELP THY BROTHER’S BOAT ACROSS, AND, LO, THINE OWN HAS REACHED THE SHORE.   In other words, my simply wishing you an easier, faster and more comfortable discovery of your own inner peace, will invariably help me to reach mine.

Wishing another person the gift of inner peace has the same impact as feeling dislike or repulsion towards another person. The only way the recipient of your feelings will know how you feel about them is if you let them know in some way. Whether through words, actions, expressions or gestures, the message must be delivered. It can be conscious or unconscious. Some people are more sensitive to unconscious messages than others. Some people know how I feel about them without me having to say or do anything. I call these people my friends.  Sometimes I know these friends from the moment I meet them. I think I can feel more intuitively trusting of my feelings through meditation.

Don’t stop there. I’ve seen people touch each other with the two fore-fingers in the shape of a V, as in the PEACE SIGN. I assume this means ” I wish you peace.” I’ve started doing this, but I don’t think the others I have touched in this way even knew they were being touched with my PEACE SIGN. It doesn’t matter. I knew that I was touching them in a way that I was offering my peace to them.

In the long run, I would like to find my ultimate sense of Inner Peace. Will I know when I get there?  I don’t know the answer to that question. I do have the experience of so often finding what I am wishing for others. With that idea in mind, I wish you all the ultimate sense of Inner Peace.

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