Why Are You Here?

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Occasionally we see comments starting out with statements like, “I’m not sure how I found this site” or “My friends tell me I’m crazy for looking at these kinds of sites”. I suppose people want to be sure that we don’t think they are serious about looking into meditation or meditation-related things.

I certainly understand the thinking, but what if there are no accidents? What if we are all in this together and information comes to us when it should? I love the idea of “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

Don’t feel challenged. There is nothing in these writings that is designed to change minds – just inform.

I am you. For many years, I shied away from such ideas as meditation because I didn’t understand what it was and couldn’t discuss the pros or cons. When I realized how much information and interest there is in the subject, I created this website and co-authored MEDITATION 101, The Road To Achieving Inner Peace.

I love the idea of helping others to discover themselves. Maybe this is a good source of information for you – maybe not, but you can never go wrong by looking at and really trying to see another perspective. Practice listening and you are sure to find more of who you are and who you are not. Trust what comes to you in meditation. Chances are, a new pathway of information and others is now yours.

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