You Are Ready

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There are no mistakes in your world. The only “wrong” choice I can make, is making a choice that I have made before, expecting a different result than I have gotten before. A lesson will be presented in various forms until I have learned it.

Go forth today with a sense of gratitude in your heart and the expectation of abundance and acceptance of life on her terms.

What if everything I have ever experienced. has helped me to arrive at the place I am today? Perhaps that is why I feel this way today – because of all of the ways I have felt before.

Smile when you think of yourself today. If someone catches you smiling, smile an even bigger smile. After all, we are here to walk with one another, metaphorically, on our paths. My path may look different to you, but I promise it is the same path.

You are the only one like you. That is why we love each other. Our differences help us to feel the same.

Go to your quiet place today to connect with your higher self. Listen to how you are feeling now. I am more comfortable with myself with every meditation I experience. I learn to become myself when I listen to who I truly am.

The most Spiritual thing I can ever do is to be who I truly am. We are so different, but so much the same.

I feel so glad you are here.

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